# Current ElePHPant photos

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Name Author Description Original Image
psr-8-elephpants Tobias van Beek The photo that I use for my PSR-8 cards.
elephpants-circle Tobias van Beek A circle of ElePHPants.
inphpinity-on-present Tobias van Beek InPHPinity standing on a present.
elephpant-in-the-hedge Tobias van Beek ElePHPant hidding in the hedge.
luxy-in-the-sun Tobias van Beek Luxy enjoying the sun.
dutchie-in-the-grass Tobias van Beek Dutchie during a walk in the grass.
joker-on-the-slide Tobias van Beek Joker on the slide.
sleeping-archie Tobias van Beek A sleeping Archie.
dyflexis-in-the-windowsill Tobias van Beek Flexy in the windowsill during a meetup in Eindhoven. This is the elephpant from Dyflexis

# New ElePHPant photos

If you want to add a new ElePHPant image to the collection you can create a Merge Request on GitLab or a Pull Request on GitHub.

  1. You need to have the permission to share this image.
  2. You need to add the image in storage/app/public/elephpants/
  3. You need to update the config in config/placephant.php

# Credits

Placephant is a project created and hosted by Tobias van Beek.

The inspiration is from the previous project https://github.com/erikaheidi/placephant created by Erika Heidi.

The author of the Elephpant images are listed in the Current ElePHPant photos section.

This project couldn't exist with the creation of the ElePHPants by Vincent Pontier

Without PHP this website would not work and the ElePHPants would never have existed.

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