# Placephant

Add simple placeholder with images of the different ElePHPants. You can use the placeholders while developing a new website till you have the needed images.

# Usage

The basic version to get an image is to add an image with the wanted width and heigth in the path. <img src="//placephant.com/300/250"/>
If you want a square image you can use one size. <img src="//placephant.com/300"/>

It is possible to use 0 for one of the sizes, this will result in an image that keeps the original ratio. The maximum size that you can use is a width of 2500 and a height of 2500 any size above that will be set to the maximum.

For more information about the different options and examples check the options page.

# Examples

An image that use the fill option to have the full image.
A square image of 300x150 in sepia.
An image that keeps the ratio with a 0 for the height.
A square image of 150x150 in greyscale.

# Credits

Placephant is a project created and hosted by Tobias van Beek.

The inspiration is from the previous project https://github.com/erikaheidi/placephant created by Erika Heidi.

The author of the Elephpant images are listed in the Current ElePHPant photos section.

This project couldn't exist with the creation of the ElePHPants by Vincent Pontier

Without PHP this website would not work and the ElePHPants would never have existed.

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